Data migration

The new MIS is currently being populated with data from its predecessor systems.  To ensure that this results in data of the highest possible quality, the dplg has proposed the following process:

  1. Migrate more than 3500 project registration forms of all incomplete CMIP/DWAF/MIG projects into the new MIS database.  This has been completed.
  2. Over the next month the dplg will systematically validate critical information that impacts on reporting.  This involves mostly project financials, but the migration has also highlighted a few other deficiencies.  The validations will be done on a province by province basis in close collaboration with the users responsible for the projects.
  3. Once the validation has been completed, the projects will be registered in the new MIS.
  4. Consultant and contractor registration forms will then be loaded from the interim system, again on a province by province basis, and users will be given an opportunity to selectively validate critical information on these forms before they are registered in the new MIS.
  5. Finally, users will be requested to capture the last Request for Payment/Progress Report (complete MIG 6, 8, 9 and 10 as applicable) for every project.