Enhancements to Version 1.05 released 25 April 2005

The following enhancements have been released in versions up to and including this version:

  1. Added functionality to log all failed system-generated emails in the database along with the reason for the failure.
  2. Added functionality to send a system-generated email to the next user that needs to recommend a form.
  3. Added functionality for the owner of a form to be able to delete it.
  4. Added functionality for the owner of a registered project to create an amendment to the project. This creates a complete copy of the MIG1 form that needs to be registered in the same way as the original MIG1 form for the project.
  5. Improved Fund Administration pages to sort alphabetically at all levels.
  6. Enhanced the warning message displayed when a user submits a form.
  7. Changed wording on popup that appears when a user refers a form back to the previous user.
  8. Changed wording on popup that appears when a user recommends a form to the next user.
  9. Improved the security of passwords generated and mailed to new users to be six characters long and contain mixed alphanumeric characters.
  10. Fixed displaying name of logged in user for some users.
  11. Added functionality to generate a new password when upgrading from a contact person to a system user to streamline the registration of users of previous systems.
  12. Changed area code to dialling code in user admin screens.
  13. Imported Transfers data provided by dplg into Funding Admin application.
  14. Updated data for allocations and schedules to submitted status.
  15. Added claims tab to request for payment forms.
  16. Added project overview screen.
  17. Added filters to all MIG forms similar to filters of MIG1 form.
  18. Renamed buttons on toolbar to Recommend and Refer back.
  19. Added functionality to trees in menus to expand or collapse when user clicks on the node's text.
  20. Completed Management screens in Fund Administration application.
  21. Improved styling on page that shows a user is successfully registered.
  22. Improved styling of all grids throughout the application.
  23. Added view-only role for users that can view forms without making changes to them.
  24. Added functionality for users to capture site visit forms.
  25. Added headings above screens that allow users to select a form to view.
  26. Added KPI report.
  27. Added Monthly report.
  28. Updated user manual.