Enhancements to Version 1.06 released on 11 May 2005

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. Rectified permissions on server that caused reports to fail.
  2. Added screens to enable users to capture comments for the DORA report. Municipal managers and provincial managers can capture different comments for the same project.
  3. Added functionality to display the captured comments on the DORA report.
  4. Renamed PMU Manager role to PMU User.
  5. Moved Printer Friendly button to the toolbar for reasons of consistency.
  6. Changed Printer Friendly button to be available immediately after capturing a form's header section.
  7. Added permissions for municipal data capturers to capture the declaration section on MIG1. The municipal manager only needs to recommend the form once this has been captured.
  8. Added functionality for the systems administrator to create an alternate login for a user.