Enhancements to Version 1.09 released on 13 June 2005

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. Enhanced DORA report to filter according to the municipality of the user.
  2. Completed project list report.
  3. Corrected round-off error in calculation of project duration in MIG1.
  4. Added Provincial Data Capturer role.
  5. Added Provincial Consultant role.
  6. Added online help, and link on the toolbar for quick access from anywhere in the system.
  7. Added validation on MIG1 form to check that the sum of the component costs in section 6 total up to the funding registered in section 3 for that component.
  8. Added validation on MIG1 form to check that the construction duration of any component cannot exceed the duration of the project.
  9. Added validation on MIG1 form to check that the number of households that can contribute in section 4 does not exceed the number of households captured in section 3.
  10. Changed the wording in section 4.2 from "Ability to contribute" to "Able to contribute" and replaced the checkbox with radio buttons to avoid ambiguity.
  11. Enhanced descriptive heading for the municipality picker.
  12. Moved search button on project lifecycle search screens to the bottom to enhance consistency.
  13. Changed the icon of the message box when clicking on the cancel button of a section to an exclamation mark. This will only display on Internet Explorer browsers.
  14. Added a navigation tip when the user clicks on a menu item that explains where to click next.
  15. Removed the words "Total for" from district nodes on the DORA report comment screen.
  16. Added functionality to resize the frame in the section viewer appropriately when a user updates the project duration on the cashflow screen.