Enhancements to Version 1.10 released 22 June 2005

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. Optimised the site to preload scripts in order to minimise the time needed to load the municipality picker used when registering users.
  2. Added functionality to enable the site to run certain frames securely. This will enable the login and user admin pages to be accessed using a secure protocol while leaving the rest of the site on a faster non-secure protocol.
  3. Added a screen that lists all the previous releases for the MIS and allows the user to click on an item to see the details of what changes were introduced with that release.
  4. Added functionality to expand the Reports node of the Project Lifecycle menu when the user clicks on the text instead of the icon.
  5. Changed the wording on the Schedule screen of the Funding Application from Unallocated to Uncommitted and Allocated to Committed.
  6. Optimised request for payment screen to load and save faster.
  7. Added validation to consultant and contractor registrations to check the consultancy fee and contract value does not exceed the available balance on the project.
  8. Rectified validation on all request for payment forms to validate the sum of all the requested payments and not just the first one.
  9. Rectified issue with printer friendly version on some forms.
  10. Rectified issue with metropolitan municipalities on payments schedule and expenses screens.
  11. Changed Total Amount column calculations to add VAT column in MIG1 form.
  12. Changed Total Amount column calculations to add VAT column in MIG6, MIG8 and MIG10 forms.
  13. Rectified issue with calculation of footer totals in request for payment screens.
  14. Added validation to consultant registration to prevent a consultant from being registered on a project twice.
  15. Added validation to contractor registration to prevent a contractor from being registered on a project twice.