Enhancements to Version 1.11 released 05 August 2005

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. Updated news page with new corporate image for DPLG.
  2. Added report to payment schedule that shows committed vs. uncommitted funds over time.
  3. Rectified issue with displaying SMIF checkbox on MIG1 header of submitted forms.
  4. Changed label on declaration section of MIG1 from Duration of Contract to Duration of Contract (months).
  5. Changed background colour of printer friendly version of forms to white.
  6. Changed printer friendly version of forms to always be read-only.
  7. Rectified calculation error in cost per household on MIG1.
  8. Rectified project type displayed on project overview.
  9. Extended functionality to allow PMU Users to be assigned directly to local municipalities and metropolitan municipalities.
  10. Extended functionality of advanced filters on all forms to allow users to select any node in the municipality hierarchy and not only local municipalities.
  11. Added validation to cashflow screen to prevent cashflow from exceeding the amount registered for the different funding sources.
  12. Added functionality to allow projects to be captured against district municipalities.
  13. Optimised speed of municipality picker by replacing it with a tree control.
  14. Added different colours to cashflow grid to show which rows are locked and which are editable.
  15. Rectified sorting by project name on filters for all MIG forms.
  16. Rectified sorting by name and surname for user filter.
  17. Rectified script error that occurred when adding a contact person on MIG1.
  18. Reduced the number of records shown in filters to 30 for increased performance.
  19. Modified screen that adds contact person so no role needs to be specified.
  20. Rectified calculation of average daily wage on MIG8.
  21. Rectified format of amounts that get displayed when a cell in the grid is edited on all funding application screens.
  22. Changed filter names and column names on all filters to make them consistent. Changed MIS Reference to Form ID and Project ID to National Reference.