Enhancements to Version 1.12 released 21 October 2005

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. Updated news page with new DPLG logo.
  2. Rectified issue where some controls did not become read-only in section 6 of MIG1.
  3. Changed level of service dropdown boxes in section 6 of MIG1 to default to nothing selected.
  4. Rectified issue with calculation of claims per funding source on claims tabs.
  5. Enhanced section 6 of MIG 1 form to only display subsections that were completed when the form was submitted.
  6. Enhanced section 6 of MIG 1 form to allow saving without completing all subsections.
  7. Enhanced section 7 of MIG 9 form so that only portions that were filled in during registration of the project are visible on the physical completion form.
  8. Modified project lifecycle menu by swapping the physical completion and RFP retention items.
  9. Enhanced MIG 6 form to only display consultants and not contractors as well.
  10. Enhanced all funding application screens to display the number of items awaiting the user's attention under each node of the table.
  11. Added a last updated column to all filter screens in the project lifecycle.
  12. Enhanced all RFP screens to split companies between consultants and contractors.
  13. Enhanced claims tabs to split companies between consultants and contractors.
  14. Enhanced expense screen to split expenses between consultants and contractors.
  15. Enhanced project, company and user pickers to include paging.
  16. Enhanced payment schedule screen to display totals on uncommitted and committed funding rows.
  17. Enhanced all tables to allow user to enter comma separators.
  18. Rectified issue with MIG 1 calculation of percentage of labour component on client machine.
  19. Enhanced all filter screens to sort by last updated descending by default.
  20. Rectified link to MIG 1 form download in library.
  21. Added form id, national reference and project name to all form banners.
  22. Added blank Site Visit form to library for download.
  23. Enhanced section 3 of MIG 1 to display nothing under ISRDP/URP if nodal municipality is not checked.
  24. Enhanced section 3 of MIG 1 to display nothing under EPWP project type if EPWP project is not checked.
  25. Enhanced cashflow tab by removing the section number in the heading.
  26. Enhanced all forms by replacing the calendar control with an improved calendar control.
  27. Enhanced printer friendly versions of all the forms to include a dotted line to be used for physical signatures.
  28. Enhanced certification sections of all forms to include a header on the printer friendly versions.