Enhancements to Version 1.13 released 17 March 2006

The following enhancements have been released in this version:

  1. The system has been upgraded to utilise the .Net framework 2.0.
  2. Enhanced all the sections on all MIG project forms to save faster.
  3. Rectified an issue with the cashflow section on all relevant MIG forms.
  4. Added electrification project type.
  5. Added electrification KPIs to MIG1 section 6 and MIG9 section 7.
  6. Removed comma from "No, of employees" in SMME and BEE section headings.
  7. Added BWOs to MIG1 section 5.
  8. Enlarged the space used to display the project name in the header of MIG forms.
  9. Added check to MIG9 to prevent two forms from being recommended.
  10. Rectified issue with printer friendly version to facilitate printing of an entire form at once.
  11. Enhanced toolbar performance to update without posting the page back to the server.
  12. A note has been added to the employment and training sections of the MIG forms to explain that the numbers are cumulative from the start of the project.
  13. Rectified issue with switching between tabs on MIG forms.
  14. Rectified navigation to update the toolbar when clicking on a filter after opening a form.
  15. Rectified calculation of funding totals on project list.