Enhancements to Version 2.05 - release date: 25 July 2008

The enhancements in Version 2.05 include a major change to how projects are classified as B, P or E , as well as a number of access control and user interface and performance enhancements.

 Project Category Changes

The Project Category in Section 3.2 of MIG 1 can no longer be selected manually by the person capturing the form. Instead, the project category is calculated from the component costs assigned to specific indicators in Section 6.

A project can span more than one project category. It can, for example, have 30% of its funds allocated to specific indicators that fall under the project category "Basic Residential Infrastructure (B)", and 70% of its funds to specific indicators that fall under "Public Municipal Service Infrastructure (P)". After saving Section 6, Section 3.2 will show the percentages and "P" as the dominant category.

The advanced filters and the report criteria filters have also been updated to facilitate the above. Under the Project Category dropdown box you will now find the following items:

  (blank)            - Project Category is not taken into account.
  B                    - Project is 100% B component.
  P                    - Project is 100% P component.
  E                    - Project is 100% E component.
  Dominantly B     - The largest percentage of the project falls under B Component.
  Dominantly P     - The largest percentage of the project falls under P Component.
  Dominantly E     - The largest percentage of the project falls under E Component.

Note that Dominantly B, P, and E will also include exclusively B, P, and E respectively.
Example: You have two projects:

Project 1:
         B 100 %
         P 0 %
         E 0 %
Project 2:
         B 80 %
         P 20 %
         E 0 %
Only Project 1 will be returned if you select 'B' in the advanced filters, but both Project 1 and 2 will be returned if you select 'Dominantly B' in the filters.

As a result of the automatic classification, the category of some projects will change from how they were manually classified in the past. Click here to see a list of the affected projects.


 Access Control Changes

Following an audit of the MIS, the following changes have been introduced:

·         A user can only log in from one computer at a time. I.e. before they can login from another computer, they will have to first logout from the first.

·         Passwords will in future expire and the user will be directed to a new page where they can update their password.


 Other Changes

·         Upon saving Section 3 of MIG 1, the MIS will use various parameters from Sections 1 to 3 to determine whether the project being captured could be a duplicate and will alert you to this possibility if necessary.

·         The workflow has been changed so that MIG 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 forms will no longer wait for the attention of the District Municipal Manager to be registered.  (MIG 1 never did.)

·         The work list page has been enhanced with an overview pane so that users can randomly select specific forms to attend to in addition to the Next and Previous buttons that were available before.

·         Filter selections have been enhanced (to be faster) by preloading their content.


 Upcoming enhancements

Users are likely to experience overall performance improvements due to upcoming server hardware, operating system and database upgrades as well as the introduction of compression techniques.