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System performance

One of the performance enhancement measures that have recently been implemented is that the work list now runs overnight. As a result, items submitted today will only reflect tomorrow. These items can be attended to by clicking the link contained in the e-mail notification, or alternatively by clicking the "Awaiting my attention" link corresponding to the specific type of form. Other measures that have enhanced the performance include http compression, splitting the workload over two servers and optimising certain queries.

Version 2.05 to be released on 25 July 2008

The enhancements in Version 2.05 include a major change to how projects are classified as B, P or E , as well as a number of access control and user interface enhancements. Please click on the title of this news item to find out how the new automatic classification will affect you.

Version 2.04 released on 30 July 2007

The enhancements released in Version 2.04 allow users involved in project management to maintain certain categories of project information without processing a form and to suspend or terminate a project. All changes made through the new project maintenance screens are recorded in a comprehensive audit trail. For more detail, please click here to read the section “What’s new in Version 2.04” in the online help.

Validation of project coordinates

In addition to the measures introduced in Version 2.03 to validate project coordinates, the dplg appointed a service provider to validate the coordinates of projects captured before March 2007. This assignment has now been completed and the coordinates of roughly 7500 forms have been updated. Affected projects can be identified by a system-generated comment added to Section 3 of MIG 1 to record the old coordinates.

Data validation: EC projects loaded into MIS

Users in the Eastern Cape province are advised that 1509 “legacy” projects were loaded into the MIS on 5 March 2007 after undergoing extensive validation by the Eastern Cape province. More...

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